Urghh well is that the summer over?

I really hope not. You've not even seen my pasty chicken legs yet!!!

I'd like to say that it's been the weather that's been holding me back from getting out there and exploring. But it hasn't just been the rain. Creating and showing new content, I've discovered, can be really hard to keep up.
I've been thinking a lot recently about what is important to me. I'm so excited to have finally booked to go to New York, I can't contain my excitement. And this is a very early warning but there is going to be a lot of content based around that trip, you're going to get sick to death of my pictures, posts, just general open jaw-ness.
As I am spending a lot of time researching where I want to go and planning my trip, I've been spending the same amount of time thinking about what the hell can I post about before I go. I can't just sit around and wait for that I need to push on and share more, now.
That's when I knew I needed to celebrate the now, where I live. And use that as the back drop. Far away from the dreams of skyscrapers and the city. England, its towns, its landscapes and my home. This will be my series over August.

Looking for inspiration in day to day life can be difficult. I am very susceptible to feelings of inspiration in everything. I am also very lazy.
But one thing that really knocked me off my feet recently was Dunkirk. Christopher Nolan has always been one of my favourites directors, Inception, Batman and one of my favourite films Interstellar.
Dunkirk is a movie that perfectly emotes equal measures of terror, suspense and joy. It's soul gripping.
The sheer fear placed on the viewer as the Luftwaffe thunders down from the sky is immense, utterly unparalleled to the real experiences of those brave men on that beach.

Beaches and seafronts can be where amazing family memories are made, but they can also be incredibly lonely, abandoned beautiful landscapes.
I had never been to Clevedon Pier before now, but it really is a fantastic place, right on our door step. And your thoughts can't help but drift to remembering just how lucky we are.

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