Trainers, sneakers, kicks or creps. Whatever terminology you use, one thing stays the same. They can be functional- used for running and sport. They are super comfortable and versatile. Or they can be smart, cool and define your style from the next person.

An up and coming brand that is stealing the show for me is Axel Arigato.

Swedish outfitters Axel Arigato have gone from strength to strength since forming in the summer of 2014. In the early days building their collection a design a week and using social media to create a buzz and strong following.

After starting as an internet only retailer they have recently opened their first flagship store right here in London Soho, and Harvey Nichols has an exclusive partnership to sell them across the UK.

What first caught my eye was their exotic crafted leather designs, snake, crocodile styles which I know sound 'a bit flashy' but take a look, they actually add a real simplistic quality and much-needed point of difference to other trainer brands.
Uses of suede and fine Italian leather in patent, standard and matte finishes- matte being the favourite,  along with a quality handcrafted construction, give the brand a very good heritage.

Trainer brands can sometimes over complicate matters but Arigato's brand image is simple, clean and very modern. Almost futuristic. You could compare them to Common Projects but in my opinion, I love the brand image of Arigato more, and they do it so much better. This is so clear even by comparing the two different brand websites.

They are a leading brand, at the moment the creative direction has been to reinvent the laces area of trainers. Take a look at the Clean 90 zip, my favourites. This is a brand constantly looking to revolutionise the classic sneaker.
But they haven't stuck with shoes, moving into clothing, womenswear and leather goods like wallets and card holders.

Next time you're in London look them up. Thank me later. And keep an eye out for them in my future posts.

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