My outfit for today has some links to a place that really inspires me.

Back in 2009, I fell in love with Japan, the culture, the landscape and the buzz that Tokyo had.

It's always that place I immediately think of when someone says "If you could live anywhere in the world.."

I love the ancient artwork and design style. This  (now sold out) Gigi shirt from Reiss (the home of the Cuban collar) seamlessly blends British craft-ship and elegant Japanese influence. The front panel is a viscose, used here due to its silk-like properties making it luxurious to the touch. The back panel is linen making it ideal for the summer.

There was something about Japan that I liked, like the subway system, all in Japanese but easier to navigate than our London underground, it was in itself a work of art. my pictures above recovered from an ancient laptop- they were almost thumbnails, showing how much technology has moved on. They show the hustle and bustle, huge eighties style hair and some refined tailoring. Despite the hustle and bustle online China, our previous stop, everyone was so respectful and almost had a collision system implanted into their brains. Chaotic amounts of people walking head on at each other and yet no contact. And not people dodging others like Oxford St, walking like they hate every living being on the planet. Just calm, controlled respectful existence.

The highlight of the trip was certainly the Beatles tribute band in a recreated Cavern Club in the technology district Akihabara. They have a true love for our culture, as I, for theirs. Would love to go back someday.

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