As I started this page, it was a major goal of mine to travel, experience and live the world. I've had the pleasure of already visiting some incredible places. Places that I always dream of going back to and exploring now with my camera.

But the more I've travelled, the more I've lived in different cities and experienced different cultures. It becomes even more important to me to celebrate and be proud of my hometown.

Britain has an incredible natural landscape, stormy, moody clouds. Lush greens and vibrant colour.

These were taken mischievously in an unknown farmers field. The credit goes to him, bravo.

This Cuban influenced broad check shirt Queens £90 from Reiss is the perfect summer shirt, I make no apologies for a number of Cuban shirts that you'll see me wear this season. They look great on guys that have quite a thin, slim frame. The Cuban collared shirt broadens out your shoulders and makes you feel like you're a lead role in The Talented Mr Ripley.

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