To say that I'm a fan, would be an understatement. (In the age of the understatement) no more lyrical puns, I promise.

For me, Alex Turner is my generation's icon. When I was young, coming up to the end of school, for a kid born in the late 80’s you had two choices pretty much. The aforementioned spotty, shy and un-stylish lead singer. Or the brave, studious, geek chic fashionista, with unbelievable magical powers named Harry Potter. Both had their merits at the time I assure you.

My introduction Turner and Arctic Monkeys was in line with most, the video for “..Dancefloor”. As I watch it back now, it looks even better then I remember. The blurred grainy quality and the amazing pink hues from the lights in the video seem almost scripted and yet it has a feel that you're watching something very special for the very first time.

Stepping away from the band and the music, Turner was born in Sheffield, January ’86. Based on the above video at an early stage his style was simple and on the verge of just put together with little effort. But that was the age, simple inexpensive clothing. Remember the white vest. White was a big ‘colour’ back then. I remember myself taking inspiration from Johnny Borrell, The Libertines and Jack White just as Turner did.
From then on we shared a parallel existence, both grew our hair long at that stage when women were starting to become interested. You know that tricky second album growth stage. Parallel. Both started a new band with our mate and strangely created very similar music. Both had relationships with Alexa Chung, which ended far too quickly for our liking.
But joking aside, the reason I hold him in such regard now as a style icon is the journey he has taken. His transformation from boy to man, which is so evident in his image. That sense of growing up and finding your own style which every man does. It doesn't matter what your style is, just find it and push it to the limits. That’s Alex Turner.

He’s a risk taker and a nonconformist. Nothing crazy, just very subtle. His image revolves around four key areas which he has down to a tee.
1. The pompadour. classic 50’s early 60’s haircut. This is a skill to master and something I'm not going to try. The image is his and Richard Hawley's, I won't be able to do them justice so why try.
2. Leather. Turner is the master of a well-fitted leather jacket. I would go as far as to say you can never have enough leather jackets in your wardrobe.
3. Black. Master the effortless style that wearing black gives you and you will be a true man. Black should always be your go to. Black will carry you all year, every year.
4. Push the limits of your style. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Wow people. I was there when Turner came out to the pyramid stage in that sequin jacket.
That last point is key, don’t be afraid. That was his journey from the shy boy in the black hoodie in 2007 to 6 years later, sequin jacket, the crowd in the palm of his hand.

Turner is the iconic black and white picture. A motionless beacon for style and the journey of man.

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