Towering, archaic architecture sprawling the city.

Berlin really left an impression on me. It's vast, calm and steeped in history.

The visit was in late February 2016, and Berlin didn't let us down,  snow on arrival, just as requested.
Like every major city worth visiting there is so much to do, choose wisely. my advice would be to plan your culture walking the right time vs when you want to hit the night and dance German techno until the next morning. Because trust me, you don't want to compare those two experiences in a 24 hour period.

Of the many great memories of the trip, I'd like to just share one.

Before going, and speaking to lots of friends in an attempt to make them jealous I proclaimed I was going to the city. The response was unanimous- even from the people that had never been. "you have to go to Berghain"
As a complete amateur on the German techno circuit, unlike yourselves I'm sure, I'd never heard of it.

The research began, we saw what looked like a derelict, run down building in the middle of nowhere, hardly the super club we imagined in trendy Berlin. As we continued to find out more, and mostly from friends who had been to the city, the same people who were encouraging us to try Berghain, that the mist difficult thing was to get in. The door policy is incredibly strict. And there was a terrifying 'sons of anarchy' doorman, who seemed almost as famous as the club itself.
We were a little deterred.

But that night came and as we had just paid 25euros to gain entry to this 'trendy' nightclub in the centre of Berlin, but it was quite dead. Berghain was outside the centre and an annoying taxi away, which added to the fact we knew we were not getting in anyway. What's the point?
Fuck it, let's go.

After the taxi and awkward encounter with the driver, having pronounced the club name incorrectly and got the typical tourist treatment. We arrived to find a huge queue (let's just think back to the snow that I mentioned, yep) we joined, we were her, we committed. The blurriness of the expensive drinks from the previous club was wearing off at a quick steady pace. The queue must have been 600 strong and as we got closer to the door it was clear only about 30% of the people were getting in.
I thought back to everything I'd read and been told; "know the DJ's playing they will ask, wear all black, don't be drunk, don't look like you're having fun, be German" ok...

We approached the door, the three Swedish girls in front of us were as nervous as us, but showing it. The German doorman cooly says "hey don't worry speak English" as they try to speak in German to him. They are in. He asks us how we are doing tonight, we respond, in English haha. After a stare that lasts an age, we are in. And I was wearing a burgundy coat, suckas!!

Through the door, it's dark, close. More security, a heavy pat down, airport metal detectors, and phones surrendered to have stickers put over the camera lens. Easy to remove I know but probably just the universal message to all languages, don't take pictures!
Down through a dimly lit corridor and in..

[content redacted to maintain the mystery of "the world's most legendary club"]

Until about 6 am the next morning, we stumbled back to the hotel, walked I think, but to be honest I can't remember. A truly great night and a wonderful memory.

Berlin wall, sombre, a must see
Tv tower, incredible 360-degree views of the city. just be careful the tour guide will try to squeeze people as many people in the lifts as possible. warning if you're not comfortable with tight spaces.
Olympic Stadium

Restaurants/ Bars
Thai Inside, my first experience with Thai food and a really great one.
The Pub, pour your own pints, start a competition with the table opposite as there's a big scoreboard that tallies up the biggest drinkers in the bar. the prize is the glory of the city.

Hackescher Markt
Berlin mall, Alexanderplatz

House of the weekend, stunning rooftop bar and club night atop a boring Berlin office space 
Berghain, just go and experience, if you're lucky enough to.

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